Thursday, February 12, 2009

100th Day of School T-Shirt Reveal

Last week a note came home describing a very exciting project for Weston. It is widely known when that type of letter comes home that #1- if the project is to be seen in public, assistance is needed and #2- your reputation as a mom can hinge upon such projects.

Because of #2, I called for reinforcements. I consulted some of my bestest friends to pick their brains for 100th Day of School t-shirt ideas.

Believe it our not, Mr. W was pretty picky when it came to his 100th day attire. His ultimate choice (He thinks it ROCKS) will be revealed at the end of this post, but here were some ideas that came in. You'll SO thank me later when this little project comes knocking at your door.. Your welcome for being spared much weeping and gnashing of teeth....or from eating an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies.

*Sunflower seeds
*Bubble gum (can attach Double Bubble to a tall black hat from Party City)
*Small pom pom balls on soccer or baseball socks
*Silver stick chewing gum
*Sew a string from shoulder to shoulder and string with lifesavers or Fruit Loops
*Fish (Swedish would be ideal as the Cheddar would be reduced to crumbs)
*Bottle Caps
*Army men
*Plastic spoons
*Safety pins
*Plastic colored straws - cut into small segments and create some kind of pattern, like a striped shirt
*Post it notes
*Equal packets (all men are created equal) Black history month
*Packing peanuts
*Dog food
*Styrofoam baseballs-cut the balls in half and then take a red sharpie marker to make the red markings
*Use 2 American Flags (50 stars on each)
*Cookie cutters suspended from a block of wood

It seems I have an alter-ego in Dallas. She shares my name AND her Tip Junkie blog is kinda like my blog but all jacked up on Mountain Dew. As luck would have it, she had a post about this very topic. Be prepared to be dazzled.

So, without further ado....I present to you, Mr. Weston and his rockin' googley eye Hundy Day t-shirt. Is he not the cutest thing you have ever laid eyes on? That dude radiates J-O-Y.

Special thanks to: Mr. Chappy, Mrs. Becky, Mrs. Jenny, Mrs. Tami, Mrs. Michele, Mrs. Allison, Mrs. Angela, Mrs. Audree, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Kristin, and last but certainly not least, Queen Aunt Daray


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, He IS adorable and the shirt ROCKS!!!

Wow, and what great ideas the other moms had... NICE. Yes, each one would make a great shirt or hat. I will definitely keep these ideas in my file.


The Curtis Crew said...

Love it (the smile & the shirt...)!

Maddie Dean Photography said...

Love that idea!! It's only a few years before I get the pleasure of 100 day project - I'll have to file this away! I stumbled across your blog today and have throughly enjoyed reading while a little one has napped in my arms. I've added you to my reader and I look forward to your postings! Have a blessed day!


Michele said...

Love that Weston smile!! The shirt looks great and I know he will be so proud of it Friday. Thanks for the great list! I'll be referring back to that next year. Although Lily will probably want hers to sparkle. :)