Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday John Tyler!

Nine year ago, we went from a couple to a family of 3.

They sent us home with a vinyl diaper bag filled with cold packs, formula and coupons. 'bout a manual...NOT coupons.

We were sure we'd ruin him.

And there are days when we are convinced we have. The days when we see glimpses of 'us' in him....and not always the good 'us'...

And then there are those days when that same blue-eyed boy will say, out of the blue, the words that can't possibly be true... "You're the best mom and dad, ever."

John Tyler Mounce, thank you for having the patience to allow your Mom and Dad to learn as we go, and the grace to move on after we've blown it. You show us daily that kids really have a lot to teach adults about unconditional love, grace and forgiveness. You make us want to be the parents you truly believe we are.

Happy 9th birthday! Just watch and see what the Lord has in store for you over the next years!

Monday, July 6, 2009

We Interrupt This Blog...

July has the potential to be crazy fun around the Mounce home. Full of camps and adventures...and just being 'all-there' with our kids.

I've also got a bee in my bonnet to do some purging throughout the house. The boys' rooms were the first victims last Friday. I find great joy in organizing and throwing things away.

I know, they probably have medication for that kind of thing.

During one of my recent cleaning-out-the-magazines-flip-through-marathons, I happened upon some unique and just plain fun ideas/things from Real Simple.

Who wouldn't want a Red Hot Mama pill box? A dandy gift for the menopausal lady in your life.

Need a way to make kids' responsibilities fun around the house?

Bee in your bonnet to rearrange/redecorate bedroooms this summer?

Looking for a new hip online network to connect with other moms? Try this one too.

Here's a way to make your to-do list while you have your morning coffee or tea.

Need to swap playlists and files between ipods?

How 'bout stickers to bring personality to common items around the house?

Looking for a way to dress-up the lunchtime experience? These sandwich bags are just the ticket.

Searching for a way to be relevant with teens? Fairy lights for their laptop are sure to please.

And last but not least.....did you know you can send a Pinata care package? Just stuff the pinata with items you want to ship, stick an address label on it and take to the post office to add postage. How fun is that?

May your July be filled with much living- See you in August!


Friday, July 3, 2009

The Conqueror

You may not know that I am a closet Hip Hop girl.


The unfortunate thing is that I have serious white-girl genes...sista' can't dance.

My man?


He can run fast AND busta a move.

It's just not right.

That and he always wants me to act a fool with him at weddings.

Second Baptist Church just had their annual Beach Retreat and their JUMP dance team performed. Through the miracle of the internet and You Tube, you can see it!

Three songs were performed, the one below is by far my fave.

"Yes, in all these things, we are more than conquerors
through Him that loved us."
Romans 8:37.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fireworks, Anyone?

Let's talk Fireworks.

With the burn ban in effect, we are going to need to pull together and share where we go watch fireworks instead on relying on our neighbor's caveman-like need for fire.

Here is an article that talks about the Big Kahuna Freedom Over Texas Celebration. I have heard that is 3-kinds of fun.

We have been known to partake in the fireworks at Sam Houston Race Park once or twice. We just find a parking lot that is close by and bring chairs and bug spray.

You don't have to tell me that's Classy, with a capital 'K'.

Annie just also commented that Faithbridge Church will be hosting Celebrate Freedom. Food, fireworks and live music- Sweet!

How 'bout you? Where do you mosey to for fireworks fun?