Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winkflash Flat Rate Book Sale

****Offer extended until February 10th!

Remember those photo books that you wanted to make last year and never had the time?

Now is the time, my friends.

Winkflash is FINALLY having their Flat Rate Book Sale again. You can make a 100 page book for $13-$27...depending on the size you choose.

Use coupon code ILOVEFLATRATE.

No excuses! And you only have until February get on it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Mystery

It's no secret that we aren't the best at the tooth fairy round these parts. We have been known to tell our boys that it was too windy and she was unable to fly.

Don't judge.

Weston lost another tooth yesterday and faithfully put it on the same pillow that I had when I was little. Yes, we have washed it since the late 70s.

No worries.

I guess the night got away from us and I never went back upstairs to dispose of the tooth and leave the standard $2. I am sure Tray and I were trying to solve the problems of the world or just watching some brainless TV.

Fast-forward to this morning.

JT slept in and I had to wake him up at 8 to get ready for school. Imagine my horror when I turn to the dresser and see the tooth pillow.

Oh dang.

I turn to JT and ask if the tooth fairy came last night, because the tooth was gone and no money was there. I'm not sure why I asked him....the dude had been asleep. How would he know?

He assured me she did come and she left $3. This would be an important observation for later.

Hmm...that's interesting. Tray is known for his generosity... he must have come behind me and taken care of business this morning before he left. I texted him my thanks for being such a wonderful backup tooth fairy and went about my day.

He called me around noon to report that he did not partake in said tooth fairy duties.


Then who?

It suddenly became clear that a certain Mom owed a particular firstborn a big fat thank you for covering her forgetfulness.

When he got home from school, I snuck JT into our closet the first chance I could and asked him point blank if he helped the tooth fairy last night. He denied, denied and denied but I've watched enough crime scene TV to spot a fibber. It's all in the eyes.

Low and behold, my precious firstborn son woke up in the middle of the night, saw that Mom and Dad had blown it, took $3 out of his bank, tossed the tooth on the floor (hey, it was little and it was the middle of the night) and that was that.

I finally got him to admit it as I put him to bed tonight.

I'll hold this day closely to my heart as a reminder that we must be doing something right....amongst all the days we get it so wrong.

How did I ever get so lucky to have a kid like him?

I am a blessed mom indeed.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Made to Crave

In the South, we like our food.

We celebrate with our favorite meal...we bring food to a family that is celebrating a new life or grieving one lost...we fellowship over is kinda a big deal.

As with most Januarys, any number of people are making the decision to change the way they relate to food...believe it or not, that is why our country is tipping the scales. It's not just because we are moving less, food has become way more than it ever intended to be.

Lysa TerKeurst newest offering, Made to Crave, addresses the missing link between a woman's desire to be healthy and the spiritual empowerment necessary to make that happen.

The reality is we were made to crave.

Craving isn't a bad thing. But we must realize God created us to crave more of Him. Many of us have misplaced that craving by overindulging in momentary cravings or desires instead of lasting spiritual satisfaction.

Breaking the 'I'll start again Monday' cycle is possible!

Check out the replay of her live webcast today at 11 am, 2 pm, 7 pm or 9 pm and then sign up for email reminders about future webcasts in the coming weeks.

You might also be interested in the 30 day devotional that can be found at

1 Corinthians 10:23
Everything is permissible but not always beneficial

Deuteronomy 2:3
You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn North

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Monday....

January 3rd....3 days into a new year.

But you know, today is the first Monday of the new year so TODAY is the day that gyms will be packed, new highlighters and journals will accompany morning quiet times and salads will be ordered at an alarming rate at lunchtime while bread and all things carbohydrate once again get the scarlet letter C.

What about you? Have any plans for new things this year? Goals, dreams, changes to be made? Be a better wife, mom or person in general? I've been that girl...2 years ago, to be exact.

And once again I'm reminded...if I make the Main Thing the main thing, 9 times out of 10, the other things fall into place.

How wonderful that I can resign from my self-appointed job as General Manager of the Universe. As if my believing that I had control over anything did anything...Ha!

Each year our pastor chooses a devotional for our church body to study together and the one chosen for 2011 is wonderful...3 days in, I might add.

Worship the King by Chris Tiegreen is meaty but concise. You'll either find yourself saying 'Amen' or 'Ouch', depending on the day.

He has 2 others that are worth a look as well: Walk With God and One Year at His Feet.

Looking for a few others that say what needs to be said but doesn't take forever to get to the point? Check out

Finding God's Will by Gregg Matte
Made to Crave by Lisa TerKeurst
From Head to Foot: All of You Living For Him by Annie Downs
Deeper: Living in the Reality of God's Love by Debbie Alsdorf

Happy 2011. Here's to a clean slate and endless possibilities. He has great plans for each one of you! Watch and see, Sisters, watch and see.