Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shoes You Can Use

I can hardly stand new favorite shoes are arriving today....and I just placed my order yesterday afternoon.

I know, right? You want to tell me to go sell crazy somewhere else, but I'm telling the 100% truth.

Big snaps to for being a bright spot on a rainy afternoon in Houston.

I'd searched high and low for a specific pair of Volatile shoes and not a single store in my area had the hook up for me. What's interesting is the pair in question is a basic yet oh-so-cute pair. The stores I checked carried all their out-of-this-world animal print combos but not the basic croc variety. What?

Anyhoo.....I first heard 'bout these fabulous flops from my BFF in S'Port, Jenny J. Then a neighbor had some. Then a mom at baseball had them. Then another and another. And then I got to try them on today. MUST HAVE THESE FLOPS!

So I hunted and hunted today...but alas, no gathering to be done.

Until I went online. Ah, the wonderful miracle of the internet.

Not only does have free shipping. They have free OVERNIGHT shipping AND free return shipping AND they have a 100% price guarantee.

Sold to the lady in the 2nd row!

I had to use major restraint not to order them in black as well. But I can't promise I won't after I experience the perfectness of these shoes.

Go here and look at all the styles. If your toes need to roam free, you'll be blessed.

Need to see them in person first? Head over to Dillards to take a peek and check your size.

PS- Still loving my Moszkito Red Croc Flops. So comfy and I get a ton of compliments every time I wear them!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Family Entertainment

Keeping with the current theme that I still don't have much to say, I'm sharing a post from another blog I follow.

Freebies 4 Mom shared today how to get free Red Box rentals, how to see advanced screenings of movies for free and tons of other ways to enjoy other entertainment without spending a dime.

Oh yeah, baby... More money for Sonic Happy Hour makes my heart sing!

Check out this post. It's just amazing what all is out there!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Honoring Memorial Day

Today our family has extreme gratitude for those who fought and still are fighting for our safety and freedom.

Tray's grandfather served in the Navy in WWII. The Lord chose to bring him home to his family, but many of his fellow soldiers gave the ultimate sacrifice.

It's a daily sacrifice.

Do we really understand that?

Why does it take 3 holidays out of the year to bring back into focus the men and women that put their lives on the line daily?

Do we really understand all the special forces that spend their entire day trying to prevent danger by intervening before a plan comes to pass?

Today we want to offer extreme gratitude to my brother-in-law Kenneth, our Uncle Kenneth, 'Army-Sniper-Extraordinaire' as he is know as by my sons. We are grateful that day in September of 2001 struck such a nerve in your soul that you had to join the Army and protect and preserve the safety of the United States.

We are grateful the Lord chose to bring you home, and as a result, become a part of our family. We are very aware that was not the case of some of those you served with in Iraq. We honor those lives today and offer our gratitude.

Their service, their lives and their sacrifice does not go unnoticed.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Laurie's Annual Clearance Sale

Nope, it's not me who's selling anything.

Laurie's is a wonderful home furnishing store in Tomball off 2920. She is having her annual clearance sale this Friday through Monday. She'll have big deals in the tent, scratch/dent and lots of discounted items.


  • Paul Robert Upholstery - Entire container of new furniture.
  • Theodore Alexander - Chair close-outs.
  • 2009 Arts Award Winning Paragon/Propac pictures. Art sale, over 200 first run prints.
  • Peninsula Home Collection - Discontinued painted sideboards and servers from Peru

  • The Brookwood Community will also be featured selling their wonderful plants.

    Her motto is Out Shop...Out Buy...Out Decorate.

    Sounds like a challenge to me!

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Mr. Weston

    7 years ago, pure sunshine was added to our home

    His laughter and life fill our four walls

    And he has taught us that sometimes the adventure
    is SO worth the consequence that might follow....

    There's no one quite like you and we are so glad
    God hand-picked us to be your Mom and Dad

    Happy Birthday, W!

    Monday, May 18, 2009


    Some of my blog stalkers were ribbing me about the frequency of my blog posts..or the lack thereof.

    I just simply told them I don't have much to say right now. Well, truth be told, I do have lots going through this head of mine, but some things need to be kept in the vault, if you know what I mean.

    I'm learning quite a bit in this season of life and I pray it to not have to live some of it out again. Nothing earth-shattering. Just life-stuff. Silly stuff. Just stuff. Can you relate?

    I have also been spending time planning and researching 2 vacations we are taking this summer.

    Mr. Mounce and I are celebrating 15 years in January, but we have someone to keep our darlins' in we're celebrating now. We're blessed! So grateful to our familia for taking the boys on an adventure so we can enjoy each other for a few days.

    We decided to throw caution and Swine Flu to the wind and head to Playa. I just figure I'll use a straw and clean my silveware discreetly. And I'll be washing my hands frequently.

    I'd like to thank the media for furthering my OCD tendencies. 'Preciate it. You've scared the dickens out of people. And thank you, Media, for inturn, causing airlines and hotels to jack up the prices to Hawaii as a result of all those people who were traveling to Mexico changing their plans. If only we'd booked a month ago. Grrr.

    Rabbit trail. Sorry 'bout that.

    The Mounces are also packing up the White Knight and heading to Destin this summer. I'm a big fat baby when it comes to driving long distances...guess I'll need to put on my big-girl-panties and deal with it.

    Small sacrifice for my boys...all 3 of them. They LOVE the beach.

    The planning has taken much more research than I anticipated because we decided not to stay in a hotel, as we wanted the choice of cooking a few meals ourselves. My children can only eat the Yellow Meal so much. You know....chicken nuggets, french fries, corn and lemonade.

    Little did I know that a certain website would be a gold mine AND extremely overwhelming...all at the same time.

    Vacation Rentals By Owner is a site that offers over 120,000 rental properties....all over the world. Tons of choices with pictures and reviews. Love it!

    What has become so overwhelming is the massive amounts of rentals in and around Destin. I just never knew there was so much to consider. Rosemary Beach, South Walton and Seacrest have been recommended, as they are not as crowded as Destin proper.

    Have you endured the 9 hour car ride to Destin? Do you have recommendation of where to stay in these areas?

    And looky what else I found! Check out this darlin' vacation journal. Can you hardly stand how cute it is? And you have three choices: Vacay, Beach House or Guests.....OR you can personalize your own. Is there no limit to what is available on

    I'm such a sucker for marketing. Which is why I need some of you experienced travelers to offer your advice! Hook a Sista' up, please!

    Thursday, May 14, 2009

    Just One of The Guys

    Being the only girl in a house of boys is....well, different.

    I buy Glade Plug-ins by the, as well.

    My gameroom resembles a used car lot due to the massive amounts of Hot Wheels and car magazines. Boys and their cars.

    I've had the rare privilege of purchasing 'protective gear' for BOTH my sons, only to have them knock on them....just to show me how well they work. Said gear has also been handed to me, in a restaurant, and then taken up residency in my purse.


    I'm told, almost weekly, that some areas are not my 'domain' therefore I cannot be an expert in said area. Gotcha. I can receive that. I'll remember that when it's time for the 'talk'. I've got the memory of an elephant.

    And I'm well aware it's just a matter of time before I'll be on deodorant patrol. I have mad skills in this area...I taught 5th grade, after all.

    I LOVE my boys, stank and all. All 3 of them. The are incredibly forgiving and think I'm the best mom ever.

    Please don't let them in on the truth.

    I tell you all this to explain the uniqueness of my Mother's Day card from my firstborn this year.

    Hallmark can't touch this one.


    *You are a baseball flying through the air and going over the fence.
    *You are a CD being listened to with lots of rock songs on it.
    *You are a sea shell lying on the sand.
    *You are a giant hugging me to protect me from the storm.
    *You are a special daisy in a massive daisy patch.
    *You are an amazing computer going to
    *You are a chocolate chip cookie, warm out of the oven.
    *You are a car driving as quickly as possible to baseball practice.
    *You are a ride at Schlitterbahn watching kids smile when they ride it.

    You are the best mom ever. Happy Mother's Day!

    John Tyler

    He loves baseball, Christian rock bands, the beach,, chocolate chip cookies, waterparks....and ME.

    Being the only girl in the house has its benefits.

    I am the luckiest gal in the world.

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009

    We're Dog People

    You know it's a slow posting week when your dog's 3rd birthday gets prime billing.

    It was that or blog about snacks I keep in my car to avoid going through the numerous fast food drive-thrus to quelch various cravings brought on my advertising.

    Although these are pretty darn yummy if you ask me and I do have a jar in my car at all times.

    Moving on.

    We are dog people 'round here. We're just are. She is a major part of our family. She even has a dang nickname, people. My kids don't even have cool nicknames.

    One of my favorite things about her? While she's sleeping, she forgets we are living in her house. And when we're still here when she wakes up...Bonus! She's also a fantastic listener. And did I mention she doesn't sass me....well, most of the time. She's been known to stalk me until I walk her each day. I think dog's know that getting outside the 4 walls of the house can do a world of good to a day gone south.

    So in honor of our furry-family-member's 3rd birthday, here's a re-post of what she's taught us over the past 3 years.

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Glory Belle. We're so glad Dad drove all the way to Galveston to pick you out 3 years ago.

    Meet Glory Mounce... Glory-Belle Mounce to be exact. Not sure when, why or how her seconday name came to be, but it stuck.

    Neither one of my kids have special endearing nicknames but my dog does. And for the record, JT and W don't count as endearing. Functional in a 'sprig-of-hay-in-your-teeth kind of way, but not particularly cute or fun. On the field, John Tyler is Mighty Mounce, but if we called him that around the house, we'd have to hire a contractor to enlarge the width of our door framings to accomodate his big head. And Weston thinks his nickname is Crash, but not something we broadcast in public. I'm just keepin' it real, folks.

    There is just something about raising a dog that teaches you something. Glory is the first puppy I raised all by myself. I knew she was really going to be MY dog when we made the decision to bring her home for the boys 3 years ago. She is just love on a stick.

    One of the things I love most about her is everything is her favorite. Her food she eats every day; her favorite. Walks to the bus stop each morning or every night after the boys are in bed; her favorite. Her blue water Kong and Nylabone; her favorite. Playing chase with Tray; her favorite.

    My point? My dog lives in the moment. She enjoys all the things that make up her life as a dog in the Mounce Family. How unfortunate that a 3-year-old canine has grasped one of the greatest gifts of life that I struggle with at 35.

    But I saved the best for last. My favorite Glory trait? She is thrilled beyond words to see her family each morning. It is as if she forgets we exist while she is sleeping and when she sees we are really still in her house as the morning light breaks...JACKPOT!

    I want that for my family. I want them to know that I am thrilled beyond words that I have another day to live life with them; another day to live out the plans our God has for us; another day to choose to serve Him and shine His light to others.

    I thought it so fitting that Bush's daughters's wrote a letter to Obama's daugthers, just as their father had done and left in the Oval office. They spoke of experiencing every moment possible because 4 years passes so quickly and treasuring the magic of the White House. But the piece of advice that stuck with me was their urging to cherish their pet because sometimes you'll need the quiet comfort that only they can provide.

    I couldn't agree more. I've learned so much through the only other girl in my house that doesn't say a word. How's that for an oxymoron?

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Taking It To The Streets

    Fun Laurie '09 made an appearance on Friday.

    The boys have jumped at the opportunity to ask if they could operate their very own Lemonade Stand each and every time our local radio station mentioned it...4 and 5 times daily.

    Because we found ourselves with 2 extra cases of Minute Maid Lemonade taking up space in our garage AND I saw the opportunity to get major FunMom credit, W and I headed to Target to purchase the needed supplies. That consisted of posterboard.

    With our sign made and lemonade icing down in the fridge, I thought we were good to go. If it was just lame enough, they'd never want to host their own lemonade stand again. Yes, I did just say that outloud.

    Um...not quite. Enter sales-and-marketing extraordinaire, Daddy, saying something about not doing a job half-way. Dern. Who even invited him?

    It wasn't enough to find a high traffic area, we must find a neighbor selling the wares and squat on their property, because that's where the real traffic is. And if this didn't prove fruitful, we would then take our lemonade stand on the road, via the rolling cooler.

    Mobile was the way to go, baby. That is when the real magic happened. That was also when we found a box of Hot Wheels cars that we just had to have....because my gameroom doesn't already resemble a used car lot.

    Lemonade Day '09 was a memory worth making. Thanks to Mrs. Cindy S. for being gracious enough to host our grassroots-effort-turned-mobile-marketing-lemonade stand. Not only did we pulled in a cool $11, the boys got to practice important life skills like looking an adult in the eye and asking them to support a worthy cause and I got major snaps for not only letting them do the stand but eating crow after the success of Daddy's input.

    Can I commit to repeating this little adventure in 2010? In the words of Bon Qui Qui, "Don't get crazy."

    Friday, May 1, 2009

    To Tell The Truth

    Do you remember as kids trying to get around telling the truth? Things like offering 'your word', or a 'promise' might appease some people, but what if your fingers were crossed behind your back? A phrase often heard in our home is 'Aggie Word', which is better than a promise. This phrase was born out of the well-known A&M mantra 'Aggies don't lie, cheat or steal...or tolerate those that do'. That phrase is where the rubber meets the road inside our 4 walls. Feel free to borrow that phrase, if you feel so led.

    At the end of the day, we all just want a guarantee that people are being truthful with their words and motives.

    Enter Dr. Cal Lightman who is the lead character in Fox's new drama Lie to Me. He's the world's leading deception expert who studies facial expressions and involuntary body language to discover not only if someone is lying, but why. When someone shrugs one shoulder, rotates a hand or raises the lower lip, Lightman knows he's lying. This guy is MONEY!

    Lie to Me is based on the real-life scientific discoveries of Paul Ekman, who has written several books on what facial expressions can tell us about true emotion. The series follows Lightman and his team of deception experts as they assist law enforcement and government agencies to expose the truth behind the lies. Y'all. I'm not a drama-show kinda girl, but this show has me hooked! One of my favorite things is they show current figures in the media exhibiting the same expressions. Pretty darn fascinating.

    Imagine the possibilities if you possessed these mad skills? How helpful would that have been in junior high and high school? How helpful to have those skills when YOU have a teenager? Sign me up, Sista'!

    If you are looking for a break from the crime dramas you have been following for years, give this one a try Wednesdays at 7:00.

    After all, the truth is written all over our faces.