Friday, October 31, 2008

However You Like

I think I can say with confidence that most of us are just D-O-N-E with the constant politcal coverage surrounding the election next Tuesday. But, these kiddos at the Ron Clark Academy made me smile for the first time in weeks regarding voting.

Is God sovereign regardless of who ends up on top next Tuesday? YES. But, your vote counts. Get out there and use your voice.

Brillant, I Say

What did we learn from Halloween 2008?

When you lack the discipline to buy the candy the day before Halloween AND you answered the call of the 'talking candy bag' enough to realize you have a measly 5 pieces left on October 30, just get your kids to trick-or-treat early and give away THEIR candy. Now that is sheer brillance.

Thanks to my friend, Michele, for including us in "We-Make-Our-Own-Fun". We had a great start with the gang at CC and finished in our neighborhood. I love how everyone pulls out their chairs and makes a point to enjoy the evening. Ike forced us outside a month of ago. It was a pleasure to see so many of my neighbors again tonight.

Pre-Loot (Notice W is playing the part of a Secret Agent, his lips are sealed)

The Whole Gang


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Right Between The Eyes

Having a son make the decision to ask Jesus into his heart and be baptized does something to you. It forces you to examine exactly how you live, what you speak and then decide if both are consistent. One would think that once a child chooses to follow and serve Christ, a sense of relief would come. Actually, it has been the opposite for me. If anything, it has created in me a sense of urgency to clean up my act and make sure I am equipping him with everything he needs to learn just what it means to serve God and love His Word. I know...I should have been doing that along. Thanks for stating the obvious, Smarty.

I am happy to report my requests have been heard as several Bible study teachers and pastors have been ALL up in my bizness...if you know what I mean. Here are just a few samples of teaching that have hit me right between the eyes:

*We as believers often live in a state of remorse instead of repentence. We walk around saying how bad we are and how bad we feel about it, but choose not to change. When will we make the decision to repent, turn around and walk/live in a different way? (Often a friend of mine will ask the question, "Do you want to be well?" ie, are you willing to make the choices in your life that will bring on real change and bring the contentment we are promised in Christ, but lack as we try to go at it alone)

*What can you now do that you have the Holy Spirit that you couldn't do before? And if the answer is 'nothing', then something is wrong. (2 Peter 1:3 says His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowlege of Him)

*Loneliness is a common feeling among many people today because we have spent our time on lots of surface-level relationships (Facebook, texting, email) instead of taking the time to cultivate deep friendships that will speak the truth in love, encourage and offer a source of accountability.

That's just a smattering...I'm still processing. I just wanted to be a friend and get in your bizness too.

Your welcome.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Precious Gift

Can I share something, Friend to Friend?

You may notice a new button on my blog, pray for Will. A sweet friend of mine has a new grandson and he is such a precious gift. His blog will forever change you. Please pray for this sweet family. They are walking a hard road with Jesus right now and I have never seen them praise Him more.

To God Be The Glory.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Cumulative Effect

*****Update: 10/27

I wish I could say Car Spa is dead to me..but I can't. Type A's with OCD need a clean car. It is what it is. BUT....let me break it down so you will not be disappointed if you try to remedy your car of the nastiness.

#1- The 30% off coupon doesn't apply to the package I spoke of because they have already taken $60 off to bring the package down to $99. Didn't know that.
#2- When they say 'blow out crevices', they mean your air vents. Now, they did agree to blow out a few areas of my car when prompted but told me to do my entire car, it would be $200-$300. Right....gotcha. I am SURE people pay that much normally.
#3- My computer hates me at Car Spa and won't connect into their wifi and I was forced to listen to CNN as I worked offline. HELP ME!

So, to summarize. Yes, my car is most definitely clean inside and out and overall, I am happy with the job they did. I just felt I needed to again state the obvious...if a deal sounds too good to be true, IT IS.

Remember how I mentioned Car Spa has an AMAZING detail package where they blow out all the crevices of your car and I was waiting to find a coupon because I couldn't stomach shelling out that much cash for the service? Guess who found an online coupon? That would be ME! This coupon brings the price down 30% and that is worth remedying my car of all the snacks my kids have partaken in over the last 5 years. Seriously? 5 YEARS worth of goldfish, graham crackers, Gerber Graduate dehydrated snacks, Chik-fil-A....I had never thought about it in a cummulative nature. That is just plain NASTY....hopefully you weren't eating when you read this.

You might want to consider all YOUR kids have eaten in your car over the years and then get yourself over to Car Spa. Anyone who rides in your car but has been too nice to mention the 'funk' will be so grateful. I'm just sayin'.....

FYI- This particular coupon expires October 31, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For the Visual Learner

So, the season of gift giving is near and I wanted to give you a head start on those hard-to-by-for people in your life.

The search is over! These Flashcards have the potential to be the gift of the season. Gone are the days that you or a loved one uses a phrase to be cool and hip, only to receive silence and embarrassing glances as a result of the misuse of such words.

I have to say that Slang and Slang 2 are my favorites as I have no use for the Corporate Set and the other set is just down right inappropriate.

And in the spirit of the election, Been There Done That...and Then Some does not endorse or support the message or intent of ALL the flashcards, but dang, we sure think some are funny!

Peace Out! Word to your Mother.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Under My Nose

Often when something gets lost, we tear the house apart only to find it right where we were looking the entire time. Case in point...I thought I left my cross necklace in Boston last week. Seriously bummed and frustrated, I commenced to search my entire closet, all my luggage and my jewelry case 5 different times, only to find it tucked up in a corner, by the zipper, on the 6th time. I was so relieved, thanked God for making me smarter than I am (AGAIN!) and went about my night.

I was doing some brainless surfing on the net and found what felt like a long lost friend. Many years ago, I found a wonderful calendar and also some note cards from our bookstore at church that I just HAD to have. At the time, I searched and searched for more products from Kris-10 Creations, who made the calendar, but came up dry. Not any more!! I found her site tonight and she has expanded her products to include Christmas cards, calendars, notepads, stationary and absolutely darlin' placemats. You are going to fall down at how cute they are. And get this...there are several stores that carry these darlin' items right here in Cypress! I am going to have to head over to Paper Daisy and II Friends to see what they have. I already emailed her about the 2009 calendar. I can hardly stand it!

Sometimes it is the little things in life, like a fun fridge calendar, that bring major joy. And it was right under my nose the entire time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Girl's Got Talent

I am so glad to be home, on domestic soil, where there is no doubt in my mind if the toilet has a seat and where to flush it. I'll save that juicy story for a day when my body isn't still 7 hours ahead of itself. The trip was just wonderful but my place is at home with my people. Try mothering from a continent away....

I have so much swimming in my head. I know you have no desire to hear ALL about the trip, but I will share some comical and unique encounters from the last 11 days later in the week. Right now, I am pretty overwhelmed and at times, just frozen. Don't get me wrong....Tray did a magnificent job with the boys, our dog and the, an INCREDIBLE job just living out life with two boys in school and involved in sports. But there are things I need to do now that I am home. And once my feet hit our driveway, I have been on the move. The laundry is pretty daunting....and most of it is mine. Dinner tonight? We might have something as fancy as waffles. By then, my body will think it is in the middle of the night. I pray my family has grace over the next few days.

But, I decided to take a break from it all and take this opportunity to introduce you to a friend of mine with incredible talent. Her name is Audree Garcia (audreegarciaphotography) and she has an amazing gift of capturing life on film. And as if that is not enough, she then transforms the pictures into amazing collections, posters, books, cards....just about anything you can dream of. She does everything from portraits, to Christmas cards, to sports posters to team books. My words could never describe what she creates, so just head over to her site and take a look. The picture at the top was from a game I missed while in Italy. I heard of the interception from my Man, but she captured it for me to see when I returned. She has captured many a memory for us. I DIG that about her!

I know she is currently booking appointments for the ever famous Christmas card season. Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about. I see you scanning catalogs for matching clothing and searching for ideas for the card that will blow both family and friends away. I LOVE checking the mail during December. I actually receive my first of the season the week after Thanksgiving from a darlin' Aggie friend that was a freshman of mine from Fish Camp. I am a lover of the Photographic Christmas Card.

Let the bribery begin.

Friday, October 3, 2008


My man is connected. Not connections like the Sopranos, but he knows people. You see, he is in the banking industry and services many clients in many different fields of business. Because of this, it is a well known fact and running joke that he is very connected. Need a sheep shearer? Call Tray Mounce, he's your guy.

One of his recent clients is a pretty fun company formed by two sisters called Claridge & King. Their product is called the His is Her Shirt and it offers ladies the chance to raid their own closet for a comfy shirt to sleep in. I admit, I am a bit lazy in the sleepwear department. I tend to wear old Date Party shirts or even FCA shirts..and those are XL....pretty, right? Now that is Classy with a capital 'K'.

I knew I might be receiving one of these goodies and Tray brought it home today! I just love soft and it has my monogram on the pocket in lipstick pink! I am such a sucker for personalization. I am also a sucker for packaging and it came in a darlin' grey pinstripe pillowcase. is just so fun! It is a bit fitted so it doesn't swallow you and I hear it only gets better when washed.
I know this might be a splurge, but I promise, so worth it. Kills two birds with one stone, if you catch my drift. 'Nuff said, this blog is PG.

Finally, lingerie I can get behind.

PS- I'll be MIA until mid October....heading across the pond. Will share pictures when I return!