Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WinkFlash's Flat Rate Book Sale

Last year after I went to Italy, I took advantage of Winkflash's amazing Flat Rate Book Sale.

I was able to make a 100 page book for $19.99.

Yep, you read that right..

And here is the BEST part.

I was able to enlarge most of my photos to a full page because I had 100 pages to play with. Enlarging pictures of the Amalfi Coast is the only way to truly see the amazing detail of that water and remember that kind of beauty.

Now, pick yourself up off the floor, find a reason to make a picture book and head over to their site. Use coupon code FLATRATE

I knew there was a good reason for procrastinating and not making a book from our fantabulous Florida trip yet.

Note: This great price is for the Classic Covers only...but seriously? A 100 page book of memories for $20? SOLD!

Offer expires 10/14/09

Friday, September 25, 2009

More Gift Markets, Festivals and Bizarres

One great thing about living in H'town is there is no shortage of places to go and people to see.

A big thank you to the Houston Chronicle for compiling a gigantic list of Fall Bazaars and Festivals....their words not mine.

Who even uses that word 'bizarre' anymore?

I think my friend's Hubs put it best...Bizarre Festivals.

I think you can agree there is some unique selections of items.

I owe The Chronicle a big smooch because not having to hunt down show locations and carefully select the Northwest choices saved me tons of time ...which is muy importante because I'm in the middle of watching Flash Forward...which is a bizarre festival all its own.

I'm not usually a drama-show kinda girl..I'm the type that reads ahead in books because I often can't stand the tension that has been created.

What a WILD ride that show was.

I couldn't hang with 24...but I think I just might be hooked on this one.

Anyhoo...check out the list and let the shopping begin! Fall is here!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Make Wishes Come True at Cold Stone

Thursday, September 24, Cold Stone Creamery is sponsoring the 8th Annual Make A Wish World's Largest Ice Cream Social from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.

It’s all part of a fundraiser for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Customers will get a free 3 oz serving of Jack's creation.... Make-a-Wish with a donation.

Look at the bright side....3 oz is much easier to work off the next day, right? And for all your loyal Marble Slab time won't kill ya, you know.

Friday, September 11, 2009

To Market We Will Go

Save the Dates!

Here begins the post of all the wonderful Gift Markets, Craft Shows, Fall Festivals and other opportunities to buy some really cute stuff!

I'll be updating this as more shows come across my path. If you have a show to share, feel free to give me at shout at

***updated 10/27/09

September 25-26th
9am -3pm
St. Mary's Episcopal Church Fall Gift Market
15415 N. Eldridge

October 2-3rd
Carousel of Crafts Boutique
Cypress Creek Christian Church
6823 Cypresswood Drive

October 3- October 4th
St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church
Fall Festival & Craft Market
7810 Cypresswood Dr.

October 10th
10am -2pm
Cy-Fest at Lone Star College CyFair
October 10th from 10-2

October 10th
10am -4pm
Forget-Me-Not Craft Fair
Heartland at Willowbrook
13631 Ardfield Drive

October 16th-17th
9am-4pm, 9am-3pm
Coles Crossing Fall Market
Coles Crossing Community Center, Barket Cypress at Jarvis

October 17th
Foundry United Methodist Church Holiday Market & Tea Room
9am- 4pm

October 24th
St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Catholic Church Arts & Crafts Show
6646 Addicks-Satsuma

October 24th
Christ the Good Shepherd Fall Festival
18511 Klein Church Road

October 24th
St. Dunstan's 38th Annual "Street of Shoppes" Bazaar
14301 Stuebner Airline Road

November 6th & 7th
Junior League Holiday Market
The Woodlands Waterway, Marriott in the Woodlands Town Center
9-6 pm & 10-4 pm

November 7th & 8th
Jersey Village FFA
Home for the Holidays Craft Show
9-5 pm & 10-4 pm
CyFair Exhibit Center
11206 Telge

November 12th-15th
Nutcracker Market
Reliant Center
10-8pm and 10-6 pm on Saturday and Sunday
$10 advanced tickets, $11 at the door; 1/2 price 3 hours prior to closing

November 13th & 14th
Ravensway Craft Show
9-5 pm
12730 Jarvis

November 14th & 15th
Langham Creek FFA
CFISD Exhibit Center
11206 Telge Rd

November 29th
Northwest Forest Holiday Market
10-5 pm
12715 Telge Road

December 3rd-4th
10am-7, 10am-5pm
Longwood Gift Market
Longwood Golf Pavillion

Saturday, Dec 5, 2009
Ye Olde Gift Market 2009
8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Gleannloch Pines Golf Club
19393 Champion Forest Dr
Spring, TX 77379
(Gleannloch Farms subdivision)
Tel: 281-777-0859
Note: The proceeds from this event will be used to send Christmas care package for our troops who are serving overseas.

December 5th
Wee Wuns 9th Annual Holiday Market
9-3 pm
Cypress United Methodist Church
13403 Cypress North Houston

December 5th & 6th
CyFair FFA Country Christmas Craft Show
CFISD Exhibit Center
11206 Telge Rd

December 12th
Rock Creek Holiday Boutique and Craft Show
14223 Winding Springs Road
Cypress, Tx 77429

December 12th & 13th
CyCreek FFA Cougar Christmas Market
CFISD Exhibit Center
11206 Telge Rd

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shop Till You Drop

Craft Market Season is here again, Ladies!

Find your comfy shoes, dig out your birthday and Christmas money you have been saving and head over to the Berry Center for the Copperfield Womens Club's 'Shop Til You Drop' Arts and Crafts Market.

When? This Saturday, Sept. 12th from 9-4.

I know...short notice. It snuck up on me!

Did you know this is the first ever Craft Market at the Berry Center?

You gals know I don't do crowds...but I might have to make an exception.

I love me a good Gift Market.

Make a list of those you will be buying for and start shopping early for Christmas, birthdays or teacher gifts for throughout the year.

And not to worry...I'm working on a post of all the other Gift Markets coming this Fall. There are some good ones!

Cozy Doze- A New Kind of Nap Map

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short on this post as most of your kiddos are back to MDO... but I came across this darn cute company called Cozy Doze and they make the darn cutest pillows that hold a full-size color coordinated blanket for just under $20 bucks!

Because of kid-friendly handles and overall kid-size (12"x12") and weight (approx. 1 lb. 4 oz.), Cozy Doze® are easy for children to carry—so grown-ups are free to carry other things!

These are functional, durable and washable—quality that allows daily usage and multiple washings.

Check 'em out and see what you think!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Good Trade

I am a reader.

I read all kinds of things.

Books, magazines, blogs, online articles....

I guess I have a need to learn about things.

I often wonder why my oldest son asks so many questions and NEEDS to know a lot of stuff.

I'm thinking if I looked in the mirror I might just have that answer.

Apple doesn't fall far, does it?

Moving on..

If you are a reader like me, you probably have bookcases filled with books that blessed you but need new homes.

Half Price Bookstore could help....but they aren't paying much these days.

You could donate them to your church library or even your public library, as well.

But, what if you could swap them with someone and get another great book in return?

Welcome to Paperback

I heard about this site a few months ago from a neighbor friend but hadn't taken the plunge until today.

And plunge I did, ladies. I dove in head first and posted 49 books and already have 9 requests.

Awesome! When I ship these books and they receive them, I get 1 credit for each book.

1 book= 1 credit

And I already have 2 credits for signing up and listing my first 10 books!

Yes, you do have to pay the shipping (around $2.40 for the media rate) but isn't it worth it to get a few books you have already enjoyed out of your house?

I'm thinking, yes.

I mean, really, they have just under 4 million books to choose from. I can't even wrap my brain around that one.

Did I mention they have audio books, hardback books and textbooks too?

It's time to read....swap.....and save!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

O-C-D....that's the way for me

If you know me well, you know I'm ALL about the Purell and washings hands.

Heck, during cold and flu season, I've jokingly admitted I'd let my kids drink Purell if I thought it would help.

Ahem...I'm just joking, people.

I even caught myself getting all sicked out at the gym the other day thinking just how many people touch those machines and free weights.

That is 3-kinds of n-a-s-t-y.

In an effort to combat all of the nutty Swine Flu coverage, here are 8 places around your house that could use a swipe or two from the Clorox Wipes. A good saturating spray from the Lysol can will work wonders as well.

If you are eating, put your snack down before reading any further. I'm waiting....

1. TV remote

Many people watch TV while they absent-mindedly chew their fingernails, snack on food and flip through channels, leaving all kinds of bacteria on the remote. Make sure to sanitize the remote control regularly to prevent sickness. ***this goes for Hotels as well

2. Tub and shower

Your bathtub may have 100 times more bacteria than the trash can, according to an in-home bacteria study conducted by the Center for Hygiene and Health in Home and Community. The Hygiene Council recommends that showers and tubs be disinfected twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells left in the tub that can carry germs too.

3. Pet food dish

Most pet food dishes stay on the floor and do not get washed regularly.

4. Kitchen cloths and sponges

People frequently use sponges or cloths to wipe germs from surfaces in the kitchen. As a result, 70 percent of kitchen sponges in U.S. homes failed the hygiene test by having high levels of bacteria, according to the Hygiene Council. The council recommends running sponges through the dishwasher regularly and washing kitchen cloths on the hot cycle in the washing machine.

5. Microwave touch screen

This spot is notorious for not getting cleaned. Even though the food comes out cooked, the germs that can make you sick are left on the outside of the microwave for the next person to touch. It is important to wipe down the touch screen regularly, especially after cooking raw meat.

6. Light switches

Touching the light switch is practically unavoidable, but keeping it clean is not. The bathroom light switch can have as many germs as the trash bin. Disinfect light switches twice a week, or every day if a member of your household is sick.

7. Baby changing table

During diaper changes, the baby wipes container, the diaper packaging, the trash can and anything around the changing area get contaminated with bacteria through touching after handling a dirty diaper. The baby changing table area should be cleaned often.

8. Kitchen faucets

Typically people wash their hands after handling raw meat in the kitchen, but they touch the faucet to turn on the water and do not think about the bacteria that they leave. The Hygiene Council found more than half of faucets in American homes are covered in bacteria.

And to add my 2 I'm talking computer keyboards, mouses, gaming devices and the remotes that go with them.

And telephone and cellphones....cell phones are going places today that they were NEVER intended to go.

Ok, I'm done. I won't go into how I might have been known to turn off the water faucets in public restroooms with the paper towel that dried my hands and how I might just happen to open the door with the opposite hand that I eat bread and tortilla chips with....yeah, that would be going too far.

That might just be an overshare..