Saturday, August 23, 2008

This Little Piggie

On a whim, I entered Nina Loca's Freebie Friday Giveaway last week and would you believe I WON? Girls, hear me, I don't usually enter drawings because I am a bit fearful of the backlash of telemarketing phone calls and emails, but when I DO actually enter, I don't usually win (although I am pretty lucky as I usually score a Bunco gift when I sub and I DID win a Nord gift card from Nancy's giveaway one time). All the prizes were pretty fun, but I have to share one that perhaps you may not have been introduced to yet.

Piggies & Paws is a home party business which focuses on the creative preservation of children’s growth. Their main service is to provide a fun and creative way to preserve children’s hand and foot prints. Unlike casting and plaster impressions, which are typically done only in a child’s first year, their hand and foot art can be done throughout a child’s lifetime, actually documenting their growth.

I had visited the site before and although I thought the finished products were darn cute, I thought my boys were too old. But today when I ran over to NinaLoca's Back to School Bash, Tanya Gorka was there printing feet and hands and she had two huge portfolios filled with ideas for all ages. The cool thing I noticed as I browsed through the books is that you can choose a design to remember what your child was interested in at a certain age (firetrucks, fairies, horses) or you can also use this project to capture a special vacation or memory (sports team, campfire, lighthouse). Forgive me as I am drawing a blank on all the cute girlie choices, but my boys ultimately decided on a fighter jet and a helicopter. They are going to be so darn cute and I was just stunned at how unique each design was when completed.

I know there are bunches of home-based business out there, I just thought $20-25 was a pretty great price for something so creative. What a fun thing to do for playgroup- you just need to find someone brave enough to host 5 or more moms with kiddos, who is also creative enough to keep them occupied after their turn was over. There was no mess at all...bonus!


The Whitmarsh Crew said...

How cute is this? Thanks for sharing....I so enjoy your blog, girl!