Monday, August 11, 2008

Old School

We are in an interesting place with regard to what we allow our boys to watch on tv. Both our boys are very interested in sports, so naturally, we watch a lot of ESPN and Fox Sports. The upside is that I am a baseball and college football fan, so we have great family time watching it together. The downside is the questions we get (WHY do they have to have so many ED commericials?) and the comericals we have monitor (does shave gel REALLY need women in bikinis to market for them?). I mean, for the love, my 8 year old son was busting out the Viva Viagra song a few weeks ago. I almost spit out my drink! I gently told him that was a song we didn't sing and he wanted to know if Viagra was a bad word. I assured him that it was only a bad word in Spanish. Imagine how hard we laughed when one of our babysitters recounted to us that JT asked her if she knew Spanish and if she did, did she know what Viagra meant. Good times....good times.

Believe it or not, there are still things on Noggin and Disney Channel that both my 6 and 8 year olds will watch. I am aware that most people think these show are for preschoolers....I totally get that, but I am just not ready to take the obvious next step, which is some of the shows on Disney Channel at night. No judgement , just our choice. We are weird like that.

I had heard about a cable channel that had old school cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther, Deputy Dog, Pound Puppies, etc and just hadn't done any digging to figure out where is was located. But then as we were looking at the Program Guide one day, Boomerang was just one channel up from Noggin. Now my boys are big fans of Tom and Jerry and Pink Panther. I even found a Tom and Jerry Collectors Set for JT's birthday and then found a similiar disc for Pink Panther. These have been great for roadtrips and brought back a bit of variety for rainy days and hot summer afternoons.

So now, I just have to explain that even though the Inspector from Pink Panther says, "Shut up, stupid and idiot", we don't. But it beats my sons tellling me or some other girl that she is "Freakin' hot" Love those writers for kid's shows!


Kelly Marler said...

I am 100% in agreement...I do the same, but I would rather them here those words then be introduced too soon to things they have a lifetime to figure out. Keep them kids as long as you can...not babies, just kids. I tell the Zack and Cody grew up and Cade and Cole are not there yet, they are okay with it. They live on~