Friday, August 15, 2008

Apple of My Eye

The day is upon us. The day when you meet the person who will spend time with your precious angel from the Lord for 5+ hours a day, Monday-Friday, or some variation. Meet the Teacher is less than a week away.

We waited and waited for those letters to come in the mailbox. That little piece of paper brought a range of emotions: happiness, frustration, disappointment, uncertainty. Will this teacher really be able to appreciate how smart, funny and special this child is?

Nothing like a new school year to get you on your knees. God knew who your child's teacher would be this year and know without a doubt, He has a plan for them. Remind me of that when I open my boys' teacher letters next Tuesday.

My mom-in-law is the Queen of Susus. What are 'susus' you ask? Susus are little gifts that she finds and sends for no reason, just to say she was thinking of you. As a former teacher, I am very careful what I give or bring to the classroom of my boys' teachers. And as one would guess, I usually steer clear of bath products, coffee mugs, stuffed animals and wooden jewelry because I received a lot of it when I taught. So heartfelt, but still too much bath gel isn't a blessing. BUT, when my friends, Leigh Ann & Julie, let me in on their Meet the Teacher susu secret, I had to share.

Gourmet Apples and More is a little shop right in front of Champion Forest Baptist Church that sells chocolate-covered creations. They have chocolate-covered rice krispie treats, pretzels and as you would guess, apples! But these aren't just any chocolate-covered apples, they are works of art. To give you an idea, they have Plain Jane (dipped in caramel and then dipped in chocolate), Rocky Road and Heath Bar. The apples on their website are the large variety which run $14ish and the smaller size are $6ish. And when I spoke to the sweet man who was answering phones today, he said they will last 2-3 weeks in the fridge. They open for the season on Monday and will be open from 10-6 daily. Bless his heart, he had been receiving phone calls from several spirited ladies that day, frustrated that the store had not been open for the private school meet the teacher events.

So as summer draws to a close and you have a bit more spring in your step, remember to bless those sweet teachers as they begin this new school year. Nothing says love like chocolate!