Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Stop Blogging

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Some read magazines, some watch reality TV, some scrapbook. We ALL have our things that we do when we have the "I Just Don't Want Tos". I am a book and magazine girl, so it was only natural that blogs would grab my interest because it involves reading. I know, I just might be a closet nerd. I can receive that.

I am not willing to divulge just how many blogs I have bookmarked in my 'Favorites' to read, but I am slightly embarrassed to say I have more than once wasted valuable sleeping or folding laundry time by clicking through them. And then you know how it goes....curiousity gets the best of you and then you are clicking on blogs of people you don't know because surely they are worthy to read because someone has taken the time to link the blog to their blog... and on it on it goes. I am still just baffled how the 6 degrees of seperation lives on...even in the blogging world.

Well, today, I am offering a way to have the best of both worlds. You CAN lose yourself for a bit in the world of blogs and keep your family clothed and fed by using a little site called Bloglines.

This little treasure enables you to add the blogs you read into one place and then updates your tab when the blogs are updated. How great is that? Now, the one downside I can see if that you can only see the first part of the post and if the post includes pictures, all may not be shown. But it does have a way for you to click right to the blog and then you are golden! I am loving the fact that I can jump on, read some new posts, and then jump off. How great is that!

Their site has lots more options that I didn't investigate, but I think it is worth a look. And it just might keep your kids from having to go into the 'emergency' underwear supply.


Jennifer said...

Bloglines sounds cool! I do a lot of blog surfing. My problem is all my bookmarks are on my laptop. When I am on my pc I don't remember how I got to the blogs I had bookmarked.

Kelly Marler said...

Okay going now!!Thanks, I always learn so much from your blog!! It may take me forever lately to world!!