Monday, August 18, 2008

Just Plain Wacky

I had lunch with one of my favorite friends today, Nancy M aka Lover of the Nord. She introduced me to the Cafe at the Nord many moons ago and I am forever in her debt because I am just flat in love with their Crab Bisque. We had a wonderful lunch chatting and catching up, but most importantly, we laughed. She brings me so much joy. I just adore her!

She is really the one who encouraged me to even start a blog. We were chatting today about the blogs we read and the blogs we stalk... You know, the blogs you read but never comment on. Hey, chin up! There is no shame! It is just plain old human nature to want to know other people bi'ness. Why do you think reality tv is so popular? That and the fact that most of those caddy women are just caddy teenage girls who never grew up. Seriously, think about it. You know I'm right.

We also talked about the interesting things we stumble upon when we read blogs. I was sharing with her that I found this great blog about a precious family who felt called to not only minister to those who live in the inner city of Dallas, but also LIVE in inner city Dallas. But tonight, I think I might have won the prize because I found a blog of a gal whose New Year's Resolution is to use her crockpot every day in 2008. It's true! You know I couldn't make that up. So go take a peek at her blog and dig out your crockpot. The recipes are not just main dish, she even has a day where she makes Banana Pudding!

Embrace the crockpot. It really is the hidden treasure of the kitchen.


The Curtis Crew said...

If I could only take 3 things with me to a remote of them would have to be my crockpot...ha ha! I use it all the time. Thanks for the link!

Kelly Marler said...

I want to start, there are so many wonderful recipes I always say I will do. No Excuses anymore. My mom alsways used hers, you would think I would follow in my moms footsteps if I know it works... you've got me thinking!! Oh and we are going to get together after next week~a little crazy around here!!