Thursday, August 21, 2008


Do you remember when going on a date meant Dinner and a Movie? When you think about it, the only talking you got to do was over dinner. Maybe that is why it was nice and safe if you really didn't know the person. But if this date is with your man and you really want to talk, then a movie probably isn't the place YOU want to go, but HE does, because he has used all his 40,000 words at work.

Is it just me, or is finding a movie to go see these days a challenge? Now, I am probably a big fat prude when it comes to movies, but I don't like anything super scary or filled with situations(keep it PG-13, please!)or language (is the f-bomb really necessary?) that makes me cringe. Truthfully, unless I KNOW the movie is good and have read the reviews or have crucial friend testimony to back it up, I would just rather pass or wait until it comes out on DVD. A movie ticket can break you these days! And forget about snacks, sister, you'd better sneak them in your big 'ol purse. And as if finding a movie that I actually want to see isn't enough, then I have to figure out if Tray will actually gut through it. We have been known to find movies we EACH want to see at close starting times and just go our separate ways. Don't you worry, we are just fine....we always have dinner before we make our way to our different theaters. There was just no way he was going to see Hairspray or Mama Mia. It is what it is.

Several years ago, a movie called Facing the Giants came out and although it was a bit corny, it was a hit with my boys and had an even bigger impact with its message. And honestly, I really liked it and would totally watch it again. It doesn't suck me in quite like Remember the Titans (watch it EVERY time it comes on tv, doesn't matter if it is half over or at the beginning), but I still have affection for it. In just over a month, another movie will debute, called Fireproof, that is produced by Sherwood Pictures, which is a ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church. Kirk Cameron is the main actor and although it might not have the best acting and perhaps might be a bit corny as well, I think the plot is something many couples can relate to and it has the potential to change marriages. I believe that will my whole heart. And I truly feel marriages are worth fighting for and saving. Period.

So check out the trailer and see what you think. Sometimes a little good can go a long way.


Kelly M. said...

The boys loved Facing the Giants also, a little corny i agree, but it had such a great message you don't care after a while. Anyways I cannot wait to support by going to see it!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this movie tip - I so agree with you on the quality of movies! I also enjoyed Facing the Giants, and will look forward to this one. corny, maybe - but give me the corny over inappropriate! love you.