Monday, August 11, 2008

Shaken or Stirred

I drink a lot of water....and sometimes I just want to drink something that has flavor, if you know what I mean. Couple that with the fact that I am a marketer's dream and now you know why I love those little skinny powder packets you can add to bottled water.

My quest for flavor began with the Lipton Green Tea to Go in the Natural Mandarin & Mango flavor. Loved it, best when cold. Then I moved onto the Crystal Light varieties. Let's just say they taste a bit more artificial than others and are very strong....always add more water than necessary (for that matter, all of these drink additives can stand a bit more liquid than called for). And be prepared for your tongue and anything that colored liquid touches to be a different color....yes, even countertops. When we traveled to Disney, we took along the Propel Fit Powder in the lemonade flavor and that, along with the Country Time Lemonade, were a huge hit.

My two latest finds are the South Beach On-the-Go Tide Me Over in Natural Tropical Breeze and Moo Magic. Tide Me Over is a nutrient drink enhancer (how's that for fancy?) that has a wee bit of fiber, hence, it fills you longer. I really like the Natural Tropical Breeze flavor but have not tried the Strawberry Banana, was scared of it tasting like a scratch n' stiff sticker. I had heard about Moo Magic but never seen it. Well, that changed today at the local Wal-Mart. It comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, and you add it to 8 oz. of milk for 8 calories. Yeah baby! Rumor has it that Big Lots carries the Vanilla flavor.

And my last additive is this. I add it to my yogurt in the morning and you cannot even taste it. Let it be our little secret....if you tell anyone I take fiber, I'll deny it and you'll just look plain silly for even suggesting that I would take fiber. Perhaps this was an overshare, but somewhere, out there, there is a woman with sore jaws crying out for more fiber. She just can't chew anymore to reach her goal of 25-35 grams a day! Don't fear the fiber!