Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Choosing to Live

For months, many of us having been praying for Stephen Curtis Chapman and his famiy as they choose to believe God for who He is through their grief. The family was featured on Good Morning America this morning. Click here to see just how they are choosing to continue to live and also choosing to cling to the Hope they have through their grief.

May we, the Body, continue to go before the Throne on their behalf.

On a side note, they will also be appearing on Larry King Live Thursday, August 7th.

*Update: 8/8 - Here is the link to the recap from the Larry King Live show. There are so many parts of the story that hae stuck with me, but there is one particular part that is brought to my mind daily. It was retold during the GMA inteview, but just after the accident occurred and Stephen Curtis and his wife, Mary Beth, were driving to the hospital, he yelled out the window to his son who was involved in the accident, "Will Franklin, Your Father loves you!" This precious son, whose life changed in an instant, heard from his father that indeed, no matter what, His father and HIS FATHER love him. Cling to that today.
Below are links to the Larry King Live Interview on You Tube. There are several instances that were offensive, in my opinion, due to the lack of sensitivity of Larry King toward the Chapmans and then I just was astonished by how they handled each question with such grace.


Kelly Marler said...

I have watched 2 so far, keep getting distracted by something...want to watch them all, need to just sit and watch...this way I can get there without having to look for it, thanks!!