Monday, January 12, 2009


This is what happens when your football team's reputation is in the toilet.

You are minding your own business in Marshalls and this stops you dead in your tracks. What the HECK is a fox doing wearing an A&M blanket like Reveille? This definitely reaches bad- carnival-prize status.

Give the girl some respect! At least make her head and body proportional!

I was not sure whether to laugh, be offended or go with my original plan of grabbing them all and hiding them under a rack of the men's silky boxer shorts. We all know Dudes don't buy their underwear at Marshalls.

As if the bad Aggie jokes and the losing football season weren't enough to send most of us into therapy..this just might do it.

They would never do this to that dang horned cow that resides in Austin.


That's all right, Reveille, I've got your back.