Monday, January 26, 2009

The Right Combination

Cold and flu season is upon us. You can't go far without hearing someone mention loads of kids missing school due to strep, a stomach bug or any assortment of viruses.

It is a well -known fact, I have OCD tendencies... Specifically, keeping the hands clean. Therefore, I am a LOVER of Purell or any other derivitive of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. If it was legal, I think I might just pour some of it down my kids' throats for extra germ-fighting powers. Put down the phone..don't call CPS just yet.

Those darn viruses can be picked up anywhere...not just on shopping cart handles and public restrooms (EEWW!). One thing that moms all have in common is the "Don't touch ANYTHING' speech we give our children before passing the threshold of a public restroom.

We are avid handwashers in our family. You'd better believe no snack is served until the boys have 'washed the day off', so to speak. We try to limit sugar because it suppresses your immune system. I feel like I am constantly on Nose Patrol...keeping fingers out. But sometimes, despite all my freaky preventative measures, the cold symptoms come and I must deal with them.

You would think I'd have an arsenal of medications to choose from, but I really do try to avoid massive amounts of medication. Remember...prevention is the key. But, often the right combinations can bring relief. It's just like hair products....when you mix and match products, only then can perfect hair be achieved. I'm still searching for that combination and I'm almost convinced that the Houston humidity hates me.

Let's hit the high notes of what the Mounce Medicine Cabinet includes:

1. Delsym- This orange-flavored liquid is pure magic to subdue a cough. This 12-hour suppresant can quiet itchy coughs and bring sweet sleep when needed. Bonus- Adults can take this too! I know you Robitussin lovers are shaking your heads right now....take it up with the FDA, not me.

2. Mucinex Mini-Melts- Grape, bubble gum, and orange flavored granules work to break up that goop that kids get on their throats that produce some of the worst coughs you've ever heard. In my opinion and JT's, the Mucinex grape liquid is 3-kinds of nasty. Stick with the granules and no one gets hurt or thrown up on. Trust me on this one. When looking for an expectorant, the key ingredient to look for Guaifenesin.

3. Motrin and Tylenol- We are berry-flavored Motrin and grape chewable Tylenol fans. Why do you need both, you might ask? Often alternating Motrin and Tylenol will bring a high fever down faster than giving one alone. I'm sure we all know that, being seasoned mothers and all, but just bringing it back up in case you've lost sleep recently and needed the reminder.

4. Rescon GG-This one was always good to have on hand when the kids were smaller. Often they would get all stuffy and then an ear infection came around the corner. This medication, found behind the counter in the Pharmacy, is formulated to relieve congestion in the sinuses and eustacian tubes. The more I was reading about this tonight, the more I'm thinking it needs to be in my stash again.

5. Triaminic Night Time Cough & Cold- My pediatrician is not a multi-sympton medication kind of gal and I follow her to the letter on most things (I get busted for not making the boys wear helmets EVERY dern year), but she is ok with this one. It helps suppress the cough so they can sleep and unstuff their head.

Now, my neighbor was swearing by warm-mist humidifiers yesterday BUT she says you must view it as disposable and get a new one each year. She also discussed Vicks vapor rub. I am midly curious about that smelly stuff, so if you have some experience, please share.

On a side note, JT also takes Zyrtec chewables preventatively for allergies AND has an air purifier in his room. I just recently added an air purifier to our master bedroom because of Glory, and Tray has noticed he wakes up almost completely clear instead of stuffy. Bonus! The reviews were right!

And last but certainly not least, I must mention Aquaphor. JT had some wicked diaper rash when he was small and this stuff was the only thing that would take care of it. We still keep it around because it helps with severe dry skin in the winter.

Your turn. Share your tried-and-true medications. And check out this very fun book, Mommy Calls: 101 Most Common Questions Parents Ask Pediatricans. I think that would have been a great resource to have in the early years, in addition to Ask Dr. Sears. Now, he is a wealth of knowledge, as are his wife and sons.

PS- You'll notice that this post is totally missing adult medication information. We still are yet to find something that clears up symptoms without keeping you awake all night or making you feel like a Mack truck hit you the next day. Suggestions? Bring it!


Jennifer said...

Ah, someone agrees with me about sugar! I tell the kids the bacteria likes the sugar just as much as they do. One thing we do is NOT treet a low fever. The fever is the body's natural response to fight off infections and viruses. As for the works best if you rub it on the feet and then put on socks. Aquaphor, I hate it. My boys have eczema, so it is a staple here and gets applied many many times a day. I have learned that it ruins clothes. Hannah has discovered how to open it and many times it ends up in her hair for a few days. It is a great moisturizer though. It works best if you put it on while you are still damp from a shower. It seals in the moisture.

Laurie M said...

I totally agree. Low grade fevers are not treated here either. We believe in 'letting the body fight' as well.

The Curtis Crew said...

We keep Triaminic Thin Strips in stock (of all kinds of varieties.) I find it really helps with stuffy noses if it's given every 4 hours. Also, for myself, if I have a cold or sinus infection, Tylenol Cold and Sinus Severe works great. The trick is giving it to yourself every four hours for a couple of days and you will see the difference. I learned of this when I was pregnant with Abby and had a terrible sinus infection. The nurse told me about the Tylenol and said the trick really is staying on top of it and taking it every four hours.

Didn't know that about the sugar...interesting!