Friday, January 16, 2009

Turn Back Time

I am PC kind of gal, but I have lots of family and friends who have Macs. As you have seen by their commercials, they are so superior in so many ways..because commercials NEVER lie. Uh wonder weight loss is a 8 billion dollar industry.

My SIL was telling me about a Mac feature called a Time Capsule. This little miracle takes a snapshot of your hard drive every 15 minutes. She was working on a layout for my MIL's book yesterday and made a change that severly altered her document. No worries! She just reverted back to the version the Time Capsule had saved 2 hours before. Think of how much weeping and gnashing of teeth that saved.

How many of us wish we had a Time Capsule for our daily lives?

Um, that would be ME.

Like yesterday, when I failed my very first Fun Laurie '09 Test. If only I had a Time Capsule to revert back to the hours prior to my husband revealing to me 11 8-year olds would be sleeping at my house Friday night after their team building exercise at Velocity Sports.

Yep, that Time Capsule would have come in mighty handy.