Friday, January 23, 2009

Set in Stone

I love the Men in Brown. Their squeaky brakes bring
serious joy and blessing to my home!

Looky what the UPS man brought me yesterday.

I just love it.

I love it more now because it withstood two boys picking it up to admire and read it and almost dropping it. For the love.

And as luck would have it, Big Mama is hosting a giveaway for one of these treasures!

Head over to her blog and throw your hat in the ring. She's announcing the winner on Sunday, January 25th. You'd better hurry!

If you are scared to enter drawings for fear of rejection, you can still shop in the safety of your home. She has a lot of other items that will catch your eye.

What a great Valentine's Day gift, right? And if you need to drop hints to your Hubs, just leave accidently leave this page up on the computer one night. It's a close second, only to Edible Arrangements, in my humble opinion.