Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Give A Little Bit

It is amazing to me how creative God has made each one of us. Each of us has different likes, dislikes, interests, passions and dreams. What I love more is when someone acts on an idea and it blesses the socks off others.

You are not only going to love Darla Shine's Happy Housewives Club but you will not be able to stop smiling when you see what she has done. Check it out: a Military Civilian Swap where military wives post what they need or what they wish for, and civilian wives donate what they have or what they can buy. It is very simple yet she has offered such a tremendous way to support those sweet families who have men fighting for our freedom. One of the greatest needs I saw was children's clothing. Who hasn't filled a bag full to take to BCAM or Goodwill lately?

And just so you know....when shipping, the Post Office offers Flat Rate Boxes for $9.95 and $10.95. Just fill those boxes to the brim, not to exceed 60 lbs. and you pay only one price! My little sis is in Germany w/ her Army man and these boxes were great for Christmas.

I know there are needs right here in Houston, Texas, but I sure fell in love with this idea. I hope you will too.