Monday, January 12, 2009

Marital Bliss

In an age where often a song or a video drives a point home best, Igniter Media comes in and produces some of the most thought-provoking and downright funny video clips I have every seen.

Both of these have to do with husband/wife relationships. One is below and one you will not want to miss is here (Boys and Grills) Feel free to casually watch this while sitting in ear-shot of your man. They will be drawn in by the humor....but the seed will be planted.

My favorite is the knee pump.

And Boys and many one-liners to even choose.


Anonymous said...

This was so funny and the HAIR, well, that goes without even saying!!

After being married over TWENTY years (yes, we are a novelty) I can say that my man KNOWS not to go there. He tries to tippy-toe over to the edge of the line sometimes but usually doesn't follow through. Once in a blue moon he will SAY IT. Fortunately, it is usually in front of a lot of other couples so I laugh. Loud. Laughter is SUCH a great way to STOP that nonsense in its tracks! HA!!