Friday, January 16, 2009

Cover to Cover

When something comes across my path multiple times in a week, it might be time for me to pay attention.

Many people are starting the new year with all kinds of new plans, some of which include a brand new One Year Bible. I do own one and have read parts of it, multiple times, over the past 9 years. I really like my version because it has a reading from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs each day. But I have never read it Cover to Cover.

There are lots of way to go about this. Bible Gateway offers 4 different reading plans to read your Bible cover to cover in one year.

*The Comprehensive Plan allows you to read Genesis - Revelation, broken into 365 readings.

*The Biographical Plan focuses on Bible highlights from Adam to Zechariah in 121 readings.

*The Survey Reading Plan hits highlights from every book of the Bible in 61 readings.

*The Chronological Plan will show you key Bible stories in chronological order in 61 readings.

It's not too late to dive in. And missing a day or two won't be a reason to quit. Did you know Vicki Courtney purchased a new One Year Bible in 1999 and now reads through a new copy each year? Think of the things God has done that she has noted in the margins over the past 10 years!

These are just a springboard to get you thinking. There are several online options if you think that will bring more success.

Today can be that day! It doesn't have to be a Monday to start a new plan.


Kelly Marler said...

I agree, it can be any day you start!! God is using your blog to bring thought provoking ideas to light. I would love to read from front to cover...your right imagine what God would reveal...especially doing it every year. My bible gives me the steps to get through it...maybe I just might do it.