Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out With The Old

Weston sprained his ankle yesterday and was hobbling something fierce this morning. So, while he was laid up on the couch watching Tom and Jerry, I decided to tackle my closet.

I have had a bee in my bonnet to clean it out as early as last week. Putting away Christmas and finding space for new additions does that to a gal.

Garbage bag in hand, I began to make piles: Give, Save for Later and SERIOUSLY? The 'Seriously' pile consisted of countless shelf-bra camisoles and multiple colored shirts in the same style. What is it about women that make them want to buy the same thing in multiple colors? Because it fits so well? Or maybe it is the fear that nothing will come along that is as cute as that style? Maybe I'm the only one who does this? I can receive that. Now, when it comes to jeans. If you find a pair that are stylish AND fit you well, for the love, buy 2 pair. That saves much weeping and gnashing of teeth in the future. I am confident that the collection of camisoles is due to excessive drying and shrinking. It happens.

Two items of clothing caused me to pause and seek internet help.

The first is the Velour Tracksuit. Now, mind you, the one I own has NO lettering on the booty. It is just a black tracksuit... Apparently it is Circa 2005, so to the bag it went. That piece of luxury has been replaced by black yoga pants from Old Navy and several thin fleece pullovers (North Face and Under Armour make cute and comfy choices). Just as comfy and a bit more stylish.

The second item in question was the oh-so-versatile cardigan twin set. I have black, white and a very fun hot pink. I couldn't bare to part with them although I am quite sure they need to not see the light of day for awhile. For the record, the purple one and maybe another color was put out to pasture the last time I did the exercise. And as it is in the 80's in January, looks like many of my sweaters will not be taken off the rack this winter.

Let's just cut to the chase. Dressing stylish while still remaining comfortable and modest is often a challenge. Often what I like or feel comfortable wearing isn't so stylish and what IS stylish is less than flattering, inappropriate or just flat uncomfortable. But I made a promise to myself to start paying more attention to what I purchase; to find clothes that are flattering to my body type rather than following a trend that makes people question whether we are adding a 3rd child to our family. I am a fan of the empire waisted clothes and tunics just like everyone else...

The internet didn't fail me today. This Sassy Blog caught my eye right away and one of my favorite shows, What Not To Wear on TLC has two message boards: One for Fashion Advice and one for those In The Know. Daily Fashion Cents and Style Cafe for Moms also seemed to offer some helpful articles and ideas. And speaking of makeovers, check out Meal Makeover Moms. They are taking some of our favorite recipes and making them healthier and more family friendly. Love it!

At the end of the day, fashion isn't a huge focus for me, but I do like to look nice for my man. And I can say, as we are about to celebrate our 14th anniversary this week, BOTH our styles have changed over the years. At least he doesn't have the embarrassing hair pictures like I do. Hairsprayed bangs, big bows and spiral perms. Good times, good times. Dressing stylish can be steps.
**Update: Tammy at A Mom in Red High Heels also suggested You Look Fab as a resource for great, practical fashion tips and the latest trends. Both sites are a wealth, take a look!


The Curtis Crew said...

I love the Meal Makeover Moms website!