Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Little White Lies Become Big Fat Ones

Foolin' my children is wearing me out.

We all agreed to cut back this year as far as Christmas presents go. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, it seems most are...I just wish we had caught the clue several years ago. For years now, I have been sucked into the trap of buying gifts to meet a certain pre-set budget the grandparents or even we had set for each child. I have to say I am officially broken of that little habit as many of the gifts I so carefully chose last year are still sitting on the shelf in rubbermaid containers. Good thing they are building sets and don't have feelings or we'd have some toys in therapy at my house.

A new dilemma surfaced this year and it has to do with the fat guy in the red suit. Now, before you get your feathers ruffled...I am all about the magic of Christmas and Santa has been a part of our season (a part..NOT the focus), but I think this might be his last year. You see, Santa ALWAYS gets to give the best gift of all and can I just be honest, THE DUDE DOESN'T HAVE A JOB! I'd really love to teach my kids that the gifts they receive are because God has provided for their parents and in turn, they desire to bless them. See, I have it all planned out! And to complicate things, this year I totally painted myself into a corner as I gave the Grandparents the best gift ideas and not only hung Tray and I out to dry, I didn't have the very thing left that they asked Santa for. For the love!

So last night as the wind howled outside my window (very pre-Ike and creepy!), I sat down with the list and redistributed who was giving what (taking into account the WOW gift for each, good grief!). I felt like I had dodged a bullet and had a gameplan for complete honesty regarding Santa next year...but dern if my oldest son didn't come downstairs this morning with a forlorn look on his face. Why you might ask? Because Mother of the Year forgot to put money in his tooth fairy pillow last night and he thinks the winged lady passed him by. Ugh!

What did we do, you might ask? Well, of course, we consoled him with a bunch of big fat lies ranging from it was too windy for her to fly last night to he lost his tooth so late that maybe she checked our house around normal bedtime and didn't see his tooth. Are you kidding me? If anything comes up about the Easter Bunny, I am going to have breakdown. Oh, I kid. My people never fell for that one. A flying fairy, yes. A rabbit that walks on two legs? Nope. Sharp as a tack, my two.

Who has unconfessed sin in this house for us to be tested to this magnitude? Must be someone whose name rhymes with Parkay....


Jennifer said...

Laurie I am so tired of the big red lie! I have many more years left. I feel like a lie gets to take the credit for all the thought and effort that goes into that one special gift. It is not that I want credit, I want the kids to know how much love and thought went into that gift and that the love and thought came from mom and dad and not someone who does not exist. Just felt like I had to get that out! Thanks. :D