Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Miracle Of Sorts

It is a well known fact my man doesn't like to take pictures. Case in point..our last true family pic was when Weston was 18 months old and I had flippy highlighted hair. Get my drift?

Large amounts of bribing went into this photo session as my oldest prefers to be photographed on the field, not off (he thinks Mrs. Audree is his personal photographer. Yes, we are getting bids from contractors to increase the size of our doorframes to fit his increasing head size). My youngest... that dude is MONEY. He smiled in every dang shot. I dig that about him.

I share these pictures not to brag about my big fat family, but to give gigantic props to my good friend, Audree Garcia, for once again saving the day with her photographic giftings and a touch of Photoshop. I keep telling her she could make a fortune. Think of the ladies that would pay $10 a photoshop to trim a little here and add a little there...if you know what I mean. Wink, Wink

She not only captured several money shots (as Tray would say), but also designed our cards. You are missing a blessing if you don't go check our her work. I'm JUST sayin'...

May this season find you content where you are and with what you have.