Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Double the Blessing, Double the Return

Several weeks ago, I shared my desire to purchase gifts this season that would make a difference, rather than mearly allow me to check someone off my list. I am happy to share a special treasure that was hidden among the other miscellaneous mail and catalogs that were delivered yesterday.

For 35 years, the Children's Art Project at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center has made life better for children with cancer. Through worldwide sales of young cancer patients' original artwork featured on seasonal note cards and gift items, the project has returned more than $24.5 million to programs that benefit cancer patients and their families. Each year, the project offers Holiday, Everyday and Valentine collections of note cards and gift items.

I have seen their precious notecards around the Houston area but were you aware they have a boutique located in Uptown Park (610 West Loop at Post Oak Blvd)? Their store hours are Monday-Saturday 10 am- 6 pm. I know it might be a bit far for some of us in the 'Burbs, but make a day of it and grab lunch or cupcakes at Crave!

You will be blown away by the selection and unique touch each has to offer. Some of the items available are t-shirts, ties, platters (this one and this one are my faves), ornaments, calendars, jewelry and stationary. Check out this darn cute umbrella. Who doesn't need an umbrella in Houston? The cutie that created the design lives right here in Houston! Her name is Stepanie and she is 9 years old.

You have two choices...order $125 or more off their site and receive free shipping or buzz down to Uptown park and save shipping by driving. What a deal!


Nancy Mon said...

Go to Uptown Park and get on their mailing list. Then they send you coupons around the holidays. And they aren't crummy coupons, they are good!!! It is one of my favorite stores.