Friday, December 26, 2008

Not just for December

If you are like me, you really enjoy checking the mail in December to see which friends decided to endure the torture of not only taking a family picture but licking all the envelopes to mail those darlin' cards.

The first card I receive each year is from a friend of mine named Kathryn. She was one of my 'Fish' at Texas A&M, which means she was in my small group for the Summer Brainwashing Session we call Fish Camp. This is where incoming freshman are driven out of town in the August heat on those big white Thomas buses (which I used to drive....wearing a BIG bow on my head. Yes ma'am! I had a CDL drivers license. Be SO impressed with me!) and taught everything they need to know about being full of the Aggie Spirit.

Anyhoo, I digress. Sweet Kathryn has 2 traditions. Her first is to mail her Christmas cards the day after Thanksgiving and her 2nd tradition is to gather all the Christmas cards she receives in a bowl on their table and before dinner each night, one of her kiddos chooses a card, re-reads it and then they pray for that family.

We are lovers of this wonderful tradition and have participated over the past few years. Give it a shot. Think of the glory days you'll get to live over and over again as you get the opportunity to tell your children just how you know ALL of these people over tacos and spaghetti and the just how blessed they'll be by your choice to pray for them.