Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake!

Hi, I am Laurie, and I find great joy in eating dessert.

There, I said it. Sugar and I are big buddies. It is what I chose over flowers on any holiday that might lend itself to needing flowers sent, and it is the leading factor when my man takes me out on a date. We have even been known to eat dinner one place and then travel to have dessert at an entirely different spot. Case in point...for my birthday just a few weeks ago, we ate dinner here (the Chicken Romano is to DIE for) and then traveled across town to have Two Fork Cheesecake here . Please, if you have not experienced the pure bliss of this dessert, promise me you will go this week. We order extra white chocolate sauce every time!

It is a well-known fact cupcakes are the new cookie. I live in the 'Burbs, so often I am not privy to the 'good' restaurants, if you know what I mean. But a few months ago, my good friend Laura M. and I traveled to town and visited these two cupcake eateries, as suggested by my very in-the-know friend Jenny J. SO worth the gas money! These two establishments have taken cupcakes to a new level. They are works of art and delish to boot. The Italian Cream rocked my world, no lie.

Brace yourselves...Houston, we now have THREE gourmet cupcake bakeries! A new cupcake eatery just opened in Uptown Park. It is called Crave Cupcakes. They have no website to speak of yet, but this will give you a sneak peak until you can't stand the temptation and HAVE to go visit.

Happy Eating!

** Update- My other in-the-know friend, Christina F (aka, ninaloca) had the website. She is the Queen of anything awesome, unique or fun in Houston!


Jennifer said...

You should check out Chocolata in the Woodlands!