Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Blank Canvas

Update 7/29/08:

Split Decizions offers free tutorials and templates

I am totally new to this whole blogging thing... But what I am learning as I read more of my friends' blogs and stumble on others (I DO NOT recommend clicking 'next blog' when viewing a blog hosted by blogger/blogspot, MERCY! This Southern Girl was in for quite a shock!) is that there are endless ways to layout, accessorize and create a blog specific to your personality.

My hope is for us to share sites that we have discovered that have templates or other cool things to add to our blogs to make them more 'us'. Below are the three that I know of off hand. The first two offer free blog templates and the 3rd is so darn cute and I just can't seem to be smart enough to figure out how to actually implement the cuteness onto my blog. Perhaps one of you will rise to the challenge (Melissa C, this means you!).

Cutest Blog on the Block (site goes down frequently and your cool new template disappears)
Shabby Miss Jenn Designs

Please share ways that you changed a blank canvas to a blog that is a refection of you!


The Curtis Crew said...

Girl, you give me too much credit!
I like this background. I had trouble with Pyzam and losing my sidebar widgets, but I think I wasn't doing something right. I'm getting frustrated with my newest one...

The Curtis Crew said...

I put a link to your blog on mine if that's ok with you!
Have a great Thursday!

Kelly Marler said...

okay I cannot abandone the cutest blog ever, only because I cannot find any others I can figure out. So unbless you find another one I am sticking with it. I can help you add music, it is basically the same way. You may not want any?