Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not By Chance

Yesterday, I decided to bite the bullet and get serious about fixing our two computers that have minor issues. I say minor...they are major enough that I have been unable to fix them with my limited knowledge gained by surfing the internet for solutions.

So, I called up the Geek Squad and quickly hung up as they told me just how much it was going to cost to fix my 'minor' problems. Sheesh! Don't they know it is a down economy?? Apparently not as their store is still filled with customers purchasing big fat TVs on credit. Ooops, I'm sorry. Did I say that outloud?

Plan B. I googled Computer fix Cypress and came up with several choices...even with testimonials. Now, I am aware websites can fake their testimonies but for some reason, I trusted what these people had to say.

I took a chance and called Computer Fixs and was first greeted by a 9 year-old, acting as receptionist for the day. I thought I had the wrong number but he then put his dad on the phone. I have to admit, by now I am thinking, 'Back to the drawing board, or google searching' but then everything began to look up.

I began to describe the situations with my two computers and asked what he charged per hour. Almost joyfully He said, "Well, today everything is free!" Seriously? Nothing is free, and in this case, I didn't want/need any 'free' advice when it came to fixing my computers. He then went on to explain he had been diagnosed with cancer 3 months prior and was able only to consult over the phone-so my services were free that day. I assured him that I did want to compensate him for his time but he would hear none of it, as long as we could fix whatever the glitches were over the phone. Over the next several hours, he walked me step-by-step through several of the problems, told me his 'story' and even directed me to multiple places to learn how to change out the RAM on my computer. (I have to say, that freaks me out and I am not sure if I have the courage to take the computer apart myself, but at least I am armed with the knowlege if I choose to use it. YouTube is a total trip!)

Feeling like I had a good handle on the rest of the steps (severe understatement) and not wanting to take up more of his time, our session ended. Several hours later (I had a kiddo with a stomach bug at home) I began working on the computers again and hit several snags. Not wanting to impose on him again, I grabbed the computer manuals and jumped on the internet on my 1 working computer to see if I could figure out what was going on (stop laughing!). Of course, I couldn't. And would you believe the darn phone rang and it was HIM checking on me to see if I was able to complete what we had started. I explained to him that I had hit a rough stop and again, he worked the problem with me over the phone.

You see, I believe my God put Mardy, in my path yesterday for a reason. Mardy is having surgery this morning to remove several cancerous lymph nodes and then he will begin treatment. Mardy is a God-fearing husband and father who runs his business with great integrity. I am still just flat blown away by how it all transpired yesterday but I believe that I can return the blessing he gave me yesterday by praying for him, asking you to pray for him, and getting the word out regarding his business. If this blog has one purpose....that is recommend something worth recommending.

And by the way, He is not getting off that easy regarding payment. I am TOTALLY going to figure out a way to pay him. That may mean sending his family gift cards so they don't have to worry about cooking one night, but I will figure out a way to bless them. And the thing is, Mardy's services are worth what Best Buy would have charged...and I would have gladly paid.

And the cool thing I DO have a computer guy I can call instead of having to haul my computers to Best Buy! Now that is cause for great praise.

Father, I pray your richest blessings on Mardy and his family today. I pray You will flood them with your peace. I pray the surgeons will have great knowlege and direction as they operate today and I pray Mardy's recovery will be thorough and quick. I pray for complete healing for him, Father. I pray you will lavish his business with great success as he continues to honor You through his giftings to fix things that need fixing. Thank you for the simple reminder that You are about not only the big things, but the small as well. We trust in your plan for us and Your Sovereignty. In Your Mighty Name I pray, Amen.


Nancy Mon said...

I am praying with you for Mardy.