Sunday, October 19, 2008

Under My Nose

Often when something gets lost, we tear the house apart only to find it right where we were looking the entire time. Case in point...I thought I left my cross necklace in Boston last week. Seriously bummed and frustrated, I commenced to search my entire closet, all my luggage and my jewelry case 5 different times, only to find it tucked up in a corner, by the zipper, on the 6th time. I was so relieved, thanked God for making me smarter than I am (AGAIN!) and went about my night.

I was doing some brainless surfing on the net and found what felt like a long lost friend. Many years ago, I found a wonderful calendar and also some note cards from our bookstore at church that I just HAD to have. At the time, I searched and searched for more products from Kris-10 Creations, who made the calendar, but came up dry. Not any more!! I found her site tonight and she has expanded her products to include Christmas cards, calendars, notepads, stationary and absolutely darlin' placemats. You are going to fall down at how cute they are. And get this...there are several stores that carry these darlin' items right here in Cypress! I am going to have to head over to Paper Daisy and II Friends to see what they have. I already emailed her about the 2009 calendar. I can hardly stand it!

Sometimes it is the little things in life, like a fun fridge calendar, that bring major joy. And it was right under my nose the entire time.