Friday, October 24, 2008

The Cumulative Effect

*****Update: 10/27

I wish I could say Car Spa is dead to me..but I can't. Type A's with OCD need a clean car. It is what it is. BUT....let me break it down so you will not be disappointed if you try to remedy your car of the nastiness.

#1- The 30% off coupon doesn't apply to the package I spoke of because they have already taken $60 off to bring the package down to $99. Didn't know that.
#2- When they say 'blow out crevices', they mean your air vents. Now, they did agree to blow out a few areas of my car when prompted but told me to do my entire car, it would be $200-$300. Right....gotcha. I am SURE people pay that much normally.
#3- My computer hates me at Car Spa and won't connect into their wifi and I was forced to listen to CNN as I worked offline. HELP ME!

So, to summarize. Yes, my car is most definitely clean inside and out and overall, I am happy with the job they did. I just felt I needed to again state the obvious...if a deal sounds too good to be true, IT IS.

Remember how I mentioned Car Spa has an AMAZING detail package where they blow out all the crevices of your car and I was waiting to find a coupon because I couldn't stomach shelling out that much cash for the service? Guess who found an online coupon? That would be ME! This coupon brings the price down 30% and that is worth remedying my car of all the snacks my kids have partaken in over the last 5 years. Seriously? 5 YEARS worth of goldfish, graham crackers, Gerber Graduate dehydrated snacks, Chik-fil-A....I had never thought about it in a cummulative nature. That is just plain NASTY....hopefully you weren't eating when you read this.

You might want to consider all YOUR kids have eaten in your car over the years and then get yourself over to Car Spa. Anyone who rides in your car but has been too nice to mention the 'funk' will be so grateful. I'm just sayin'.....

FYI- This particular coupon expires October 31, 2008