Friday, October 31, 2008

Brillant, I Say

What did we learn from Halloween 2008?

When you lack the discipline to buy the candy the day before Halloween AND you answered the call of the 'talking candy bag' enough to realize you have a measly 5 pieces left on October 30, just get your kids to trick-or-treat early and give away THEIR candy. Now that is sheer brillance.

Thanks to my friend, Michele, for including us in "We-Make-Our-Own-Fun". We had a great start with the gang at CC and finished in our neighborhood. I love how everyone pulls out their chairs and makes a point to enjoy the evening. Ike forced us outside a month of ago. It was a pleasure to see so many of my neighbors again tonight.

Pre-Loot (Notice W is playing the part of a Secret Agent, his lips are sealed)

The Whole Gang



Michele said...

We loved having you over and celebrating Halloween with you!! Today I'm making up for not eating the candy before Halloween. So much to choose from...get it out of my house!