Thursday, March 25, 2010

Double Dipping, Date Night Style

Sometimes when I'm just not feelin' the need to share (or the stuff I have discovered really isn't blog-worthy), I will duplicate posts from my other blog, In The Know Northwest.

Some of you might not even know it exists....or even care for that matter...but I digress.

Today's post is about live music in our area. Who knew we had so many places to choose from? Not I, that is for sure.

And I'm thinkin' these places don't offer chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese. Bonus!

Pick a night, pick a place and carve out some time to enjoy the love of your life for a few hours. You might even get to consume your dinner at the correct temperature, for a change.

I'm just sayin'.


Kelly Marler said...

Glad y'all got to have a nice time! We love live music while dining as well!! Now that the weather is so nice we can enjoy it once a gain!! Hope all is looks like it is.

Sarah said...

We love eating with live music around us :) Saw your date night list and can say that we've tried every one of them! Thanks for the good reminders. I am in the process of looking at all of your other lists!