Monday, April 5, 2010

My Gray Hair

My name is Laurie and I have color-resistant gray hair.

It is true.

I also have kids that get cavities very easily due to their teeth composition, but that is for another day when I feel like having true confessions. Maybe we can discuss plantar warts and athletes foot that day too.

Did I mention I'm the ONLY pink in a house full of BLUE?

Well, I feel so much better.

You blondes out there do not know the angst us brunettes encounter every 4-6 weeks. I am about to go all Lucy-Lawless aka Sheena Warrior Princess on my hair and dye it dark brown, instead of medium brown, if it doesn't start behaving.

It makes my eyes look so much greener, you know.

And let's not even start talking about the bags that are now taking up residence under my eyes.

Don't get me wrong, I have an entire arsenal of Mary Kay products to remedy these lovelies but I am not consistent enough to make a difference. Suggestions welcome.

But back to my gray hair.

I'm not sure why weeks between my home-dye jobs are becoming less and less, but I think it might have something to do with my younger son, Big Little Brother.

He's my kiddo that truly believes, in every ounce of his marrow, that the consequence is worth whatever adventure needs to be lived.

Don't get me wrong, he is a sweet, sweet boy. Gives me more hugs, kisses and words of affirmation that I can count, but that boy is a Velociraptor. He likes to test those fences.

So it should be of no surprise to you what transpired at Easter Brunch yesterday with my 17 family members.

BLB had already finished the majority of his food, checked out the rest rooms and other points of interest at said Country Club and was in need of another beverage.

No problem. There was a beverage station nearby and he's a capable guy.

So imagine our surprise when he comes back with orange juice in a champagne flute.

I immediately asked him if the orange juice tasted funny and maybe Mom should taste it just in case.

Ladies and gentleman, my 7 year-old son had somehow snagged a Mimosa instead of regular orange juice.

And somewhere, someone today is wondering what the heck happened to their lovely brunch drink that they set down for just a moment.

I'll be buying that dark brown hair dye this week.


Nancy Mon said...

I am laughing so hard right now... Laurie, we need to do lunch soon! How I miss you! And it's my turn to go to the burbs.

Jennifer said...

That is just too funny! Thank you so much for that laugh!

In and effort to not discuss something like athletes foot---tea tree oil...just sayin'!

Kelly Marler said...

Too was bound to happen one day. As far as hair:I am re-thinking brown. I was driving( I know dangerous but the daylight captured the sparkle) and saw my first gray...not happening. Even though I love being darker, stress free, if any more little grays pop up,bye-bye brown and hello Blondie!

Thanks for the laugh!

jill said...


As I'm reading your blog, I kid you not, I've got a highlighting cap on my head. I'm waiting for the highlights to take effect. I did what you're thinking about doing and dyed my hair a darker brown than usual to cover up the grey strands. But, then it looked so, well, dark. So, I'm adding highlights. Oh, what we brunettes go through! I hope this works!