Friday, March 12, 2010

Cleaning For A Reason

Did you know there is a non-profit cleaning service that offers free professional housecleaning and maid services to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for cancer - any type of cancer?

I didn't either until today.

You see, I am following the journey and praying for a friend that I served on Traditions Council with at A&M and she has quite an amazing support system.

Women are great like that....we can dig up resources as far as the East from the West.

As I was reading about her pathology report, someone offered information about Cleaning For A Reason, a non-profit cleaning service that offers housecleaning for women undergoing treatment for cancer.

There is an application process and as with any non-profit organization, the demand far exceeds their ability to meet every need, but they attempt to match as many patients as possible who go through their application process.

What an amazing blessing.....knew it needed to be passed along.

Have a great Spring Break!


Two Maids & A Mop said...

Thanks for spreading the word about Cleaning For A Reason. We are partners over in Birmingham, AL. If you are really ambitious, try to get every single cleaning company to join forces so that every patient gets her house cleaned!! Thanks again for spreading the word!!

Two Maids & A Mop
Birmingham Cleaning Services

Kelly Marler said...

Cleaning for someone who cannot because their health holds them back is such a great gift for someone. Sometimes we can forget that such a little act can make a big difference in someones alleviate one worry during a trying time in their life. Thanks for sharing!!