Friday, March 18, 2011

Ideas for Summer Fun 2011

Well, I'm a little over a week into this 40-day Facebook fast and I have to say I'm no worse for the wear. Sure, I wonder what I am missing a little bit but I am sure getting a lot of things done around here...namely updating my other blog In The Know Northwest.

Wait...hold the phone one minute.

Before I continue...did I mention that we got rodeo tickets offered to us tonight thinking they were Lady Antebellum only to JUST figure out they were for Alan Jackson? Yep..if I'd actually been on Facebook, I'd bet I'd figured that out a lot faster. For the love...

Back to the topic at hand...each summer I scour the internet for fun summer ideas and the start of that list can be found here. It takes a village, people. If you have 411, please share!

All joking aside....the removal of that one little distraction has been pretty amazing (that and a change of scenery to Scottsdale, AZ) and I hope to be able to put my thoughts to paper soon. He's still working on me, that is fo' 'sho.

Happy Friday!