Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Musings of a 37 year old

Yes, ladies, it's been almost a month since my last post and now I'm on the true backside of 35.

Makes a girl really want to get in a bathing suit and bare her wares at the neighborhood pool.


Especially when the pool is already feeling like a hot tub...sigh.

But, thank goodness my tankini and skirt mask a multitude of sins.

Smoke and mirrors, baby. Smoke and mirrors.

Speaking of mirrors....pondering for the day...If more people could see themselves from behind, do you think they'd make the clothing choices they make? I have the 3-way mirror at Kohls to thank for many an almost-fatal-clothing-decision.

And is it just me or do people tell all in dressing rooms? Forget taxi cab confessions...try dressing room confessions. Mostly moms and daughters.... sometimes friend to friend. People...those doors and walls DO NOT go all the way to the floor. Don't you see the slats on that door? It's just like an AC vent....we can hear everything!!

Moving on....the hunt for summer dresses are my new thing because it appears Houston has shifted and we are closer to the equator. I have to say the junior departments at many retailers are a very well kept secret. Nordstrom's junior department is a great place to find cute clothing and accessories for 1/2 the price and I scored several cute dresses in the junior sections of JC Penny and Kohls recently. Yes, you might have to go up a size or 2. It's all good- cut that tag out and roll with it!

An update on my oh-so-fun pitcher I told you about....I have to say that oranges are working the best, peels removed. The lemons and limes tasted kinda freaky, go figure. Haven't tried to infuse lemonade yet...that's on the agenda for July. Gotta pace myself.

And finally, something of value to take from today's post....I have discovered Diet Stewart's Orange 'n Cream fountain classics. Girls, it's only 20 calories and it is SO yummy. Try an HEB near you. You won't be sorry.

VBS is next week at our church...I can only imagine the blog material I'll have next week. Stay tuned. I'll try not to be gone so long this time.

Happy Summer!