Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sneak Peek

*** Update 7/9/08 My friend came through! Check out this new artist.

Music is so huge for me. It is what motivates me to get through a run or a workout when I just don't have the will or desire. It also has the ability to take me back to times and places that hold dear memories. More importantly, it is the way that God speaks to me the loudest and clearest. For as long as I can remember, He has encouraged me, challenged me and His love for me has been made more evident through the words of so many Comtemporary Christian Musicians' gifts. I am dating myself here, but I can still recall my first cassette that I bought. Love, love, love Stephen Curtis Chapman. Now that man has had some hairstyle changes. Please continue to pray for his sweet family. Their manager gives updates here on specific ways to pray for them.

Third Day is one of the first groups that I discovered that was fast enough to add to my workout playlist but had serioius lyrics that ministered to my soul. Their new CD comes out the end of July, but you can go here and listen to it as much as you like until the end of June. And if you love it as much as I am loving it, you can head over to your local Lifeway and pre-order the CD for $7.99 and as a bonus, you'll get a $5 savings card and a t-shirt.

Does music have an impact on you as well? Share the artists that motivate and minister to you.

My current favorites are:
Group 1 Crew
Matthew and Lizi
Lindsey Kane
Addison Road

I am hopeful a certain friend will comment because she ALWAYS has the lead on great music! Anytime I think I've discover some new amazing group, they are always her BFFs. And certainly, if you haven't heard about this guy, give him a listen. I have it on good authority he is a great guy with a tremendous heart for God and ministry. My husband has known him since he was 7, I think, and he not only was the best man in our wedding, but co-wrote a pretty amazing song with my man. Not a dry eye in the place. What a great day!


Kelly Marler said...

Hi Friend~ Love all the music!! I will send some later...some favorites!!

Anonymous said...

wow - a shout out! fun! I would recommend one, but not sure I can do that yet - I will check with Mark..... I have enjoyed Matt Maher's cd, as well as Kathryn Scott. Matthew and Lizi have news - remind me to tell you if I haven't already. love......

Nicole said...

Hi Laurie,

I have enjoyed your blog so much! The Lord has blessed you with a gift of writing, and you are definately giving him the honor and glory by using it in this forum. I can't wait till the next post, so keep um coming!