Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Tale of Two Personalities

As you know, our children couldn't be more different....they basically share a last name and that is about where the similarities end. But no matter how much they fuss during the day, they are still best friends by 9 pm when they finally fall into their beds, side by side, each night.

Tray was talking to Weston this morning about finishing his baseball season strong as their last regular season game is tonight. Weston paused for a moment and then asked Tray, "Isn't it OK for us to go 8 and 2?" (they are currently 9 and 1).

Tray paused, smiled, and then asked, "Is there a competitive bone in your body?" to which Weston replied, "A funny bone."

There you have it.

And for the record, my oldest son then said, "Weston...we are Mounces...we compete".

And that, ladies and gentleman, is my house in a nutshell.